We have built our reputation using a strategy that focuses on giving great value to our customers. Biova's ingredient portfolio aligns perfectly with Maypro's promises of quality and value.

  • Tac Kurihara
  • President of Maypro Industries Inc. (Japan)
  • www.maypro.com

Biova’s products, especially BiovaFlex®, perfectly match our company’s goal of providing high quality, leading-edge ingredients to our customers. We also consider BiovaDerm® a valuable addition to our skin health ingredient line, and hold BiovaPlex® in similar regard for animal health applications. Biova aligns well with CCL’s goals of providing both excellent ingredients and excellent customer service.


  • James Stevens
  • Managing Director
    Cambridge Commodities Ltd.
  • www.c-c-l.com

Our nutraceutical portfolio is a high-growth part of our business. Biova’s branded ingredients fit well with our offering. Water solubility alone is such a clear market advantage—we believe Biova’s egg membrane delivers impressive benefits to our customers and consumers.

We’re seeing a transformation in the natural ingredients industry when it comes to joint health and support. It’s not just about comfort, it’s about staying healthy longer. People want healthy, natural alternatives. And they are looking for new, efficacious products for joint support. There is a growing global market for egg membrane products. It’s so easy to explain where egg membrane comes from, it’s easy to see how it helps, and for consumers to quickly feel that it helps.

We supply leading companies, and Biova's ingredients offer significant competitive advantages for our customers. Water solubility is a difference maker, opening up delivery options like soft gels, gummies or foods, plus a variety of topical applications. This versatility simply isn't possible with any other egg membrane ingredients.

  • Maria Elias-Castro
  • President of Global Export Group
    Maypro Industries LLC (NY)
  • www.maypro.com
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    March 10-12, 2017 :
    EXPO West/Engredea—Booth #566
    Anaheim Convention Center
    Anaheim, CA, USA


    May 9-11, 2017 : Vitafoods—Booth #D53
    Palexpo, Geneva, Switzerland