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Johnston, Iowa, USA (November 7, 2016)—Topical use of BiovaDerm®, a water soluble egg membrane (WSEM) ingredient, was shown to reduce the appearance of wrinkles after just eight weeks according to recently published peer-reviewed research. BiovaDerm is manufactured in the United States by Biova LLC.

The open-label study published in Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology (DovePress; 14 October 2016 Volume 2016:9 Pages 357-66) showed daily topical use of BiovaDerm on facial skin significantly reduced the appearance of wrinkles after eight weeks, as measured across three parameters: roughness, contour and depth. This study corroborates results seen in Biova’s prior trial research studies.  Further, the researchers point to WSEM's association with additional mechanisms of cellular activity whereby BiovaDerm might offer natural skin health support and restoration, especially under conditions of oxidative stress, thus contributing to prophylactic anti-aging effects among other applications.  

The complete article and a video abstract can be found at: biova.com/research

“We’re seeing significant interest in BiovaDerm because there’s a large consumer market of adults concerned with overall health, skin care and the effects of aging,” said Kathy Hockla, channel manager for Biova.  “BiovaDerm is unique—it offers formulators a new, natural, research-proven ingredient to support skin care and reduce the visible signs of aging and facial wrinkles.”  In its formulary state, BiovaDerm has an off-white color, with a mild, easy-to-mask scent from which to develop formulations for lotions, creams and other topical applications. 


Olathe, KS, USA (March 6, 2016) — Interested in what drives Biova to produce the best water soluble egg membrane ingredient on the market? A new video at Biova.com shows how this company is forging forward to make a difference in the natural products industry.
“Video offers an insightful, impactful way to tell our story,” said Matt Stegenga, Biova president. “Egg membrane is a new product category, so it’s important to capture how our forward thinking, patented technology, our operations, and our talented people have combined to make these market-leading ingredients.”
The short video showcases Biova's people and operations, both in the manufacturing facilities and labs of Johnston, Iowa, as well as the sales and marketing offices in the Kansas Biosciences Authority in Olathe, Kan. 
Key Biova personnel are introduced and lead viewers through the steps taken each day to fulfill Biova’s mission of creating quality ingredients, with uniform profiles for manufacturers around the world. 
“Our ingredients offer multiple delivery systems for multiple market applications across a variety of products,” said Stegenga. “It’s important that our message goes out in a variety of ways as well.”


Johnson, Iowa USA (March 9, 2016)—Biova LLC, the global leader in water soluble egg membrane (WSEM), announces new personnel and expansion at their Olathe, Kan., sales and marketing offices:

Kathy Hockla has been promoted to channel manager. Her responsibilities have grown to include sales and marketing operational administration as well as working in sales management at Biova. Hockla was previously Biova’s project manager.

Merriam Vater, sales representative, will focus on expanding domestic sales opportunities for Biova’s water soluble egg membrane (WSEM) ingredients in the natural products market.  

Ella Sue Roche, inside sales support, will carry out a number of support functions that assist Biova’s global sales and marketing teams.

Additionally, Biova has added office space at the Kansas Bioscience Park in Olathe, Kan. 
“Demand for Biova joint health and skin care ingredients, plus animal health applications, has not diminished as we enter 2016—in fact, it's increasing” said Matt Stegenga, Biova president. “Having the right people, the right resources, in the right place is key to keeping pace, and more importantly, to ensuring the high level of customer service we’re known for around the world.”

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